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Quebec cybersecurity minister sees growing role for AI in ministries

QUEBEC CITY — Artificial intelligence will be used more and more in government departments, where many positions could disappear, Quebec Cybersecurity Minister Éric Caire said Thursday.

Caire was responding to a Feb. 5 report published by the Quebec Innovation Council.

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Speaking at a news conference in Quebec City, Caire announced the deployment by late spring of three AI-related pilot projects — the first of which involves using artificial intelligence to enrol new government employees in their group insurance.

Other projects include automating the billing process and creating a chatbot to interact with users of the Données Québec open data portal.

The aim is to make efficiency gains, Caire said.

With the arrival of AI, fewer civil servants will be needed, he said, while stressing that the reduction in the size of government will be achieved through attrition. Around 20,000 Quebec civil servants are expected to retire over the next few years, he said.

“It’s certain that the integration of AI will change the face of work in Quebec and the Quebec government,” Caire said.

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