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Advancing cybersecurity to counter COVID-19 threats

COVID-19 has triggered a storm of panic, disruption and widespread technological upheaval that constitutes the perfect breeding ground for cyberattacks. While the world has been hunkering down and staying at home, hackers are busy sniffing out new opportunities and new vulnerabilities.

Since February, when the outbreak went global, there has been a 4,300 percent jump in coronavirus-themed spam, according to a recent study by the Ponemon Institute and IBM. “Cybercriminals are using the coronavirus outbreak to drive their business, with virus-themed sales of malware assets on the dark web and even virus-related discount codes,” the study reports. “They are also rapidly creating domains. COVID-19-related domains are 50 percent more likely to be malicious than other domains registered during the same time period.”

The hidden threat comes from a …

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